Loans deployed

Since 2016, NCDF has deployed 87 loans to Nez Perce target market.  Our emphasis is for NCDF to help our clients understand their financial options and addressing financial stability of our communities. 

Loan Products

  • Small Business Loan (Startup and Existing)

  • Credit Builder Loans

  • Individual Consumer Loans

Business Development & Lending

NCDF will be offering business education courses and Introduction to Entrepreneurship.  Look at our training calendar and Small Business loan products.


Indianpreneurship courses

Introduction to Entrepreneurship 

Referral to partners who conduct business related classes. (see calendar or blog section)

Financial Education

Our purpose is to help clients understand their financial options and well-being.  NCDF's coalition of asset building trainers are here to assist with training and development services.


Financial Education courses

Financial Coaching

Youth $pending Frenzy

Dr. Per Cap financial articles

Native CDFI, non-profit 501(c)(3)

Serving the Nez Perce Tribe & surrounding regions

Our Mission Statement

The Nimiipuu Community Development Fund fosters economic growth through entrepreneurial capacity building and access to business capital while creating opportunities, advancing the Nimiipuu entrepreneurial spirit and preserving cultural values.

Vision Statement

Strengthening Tribal Families by Advancing Individual Self Determination and Self Sufficiency

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"I submitted an application for a loan from NCDF and was approved. The purpose of the loan is to relocate from my rental home to my father’s house in which I inherited. The reason for the move is to reduce my monthly living expenses by not having to pay rent on my current house and to be able to live in my own home with reduced living expenses. There are repairs, upkeep and utilities that have to be addressed prior to moving into the house that I am using the funds to bring the house to a living standard due to the house being vacant for 3 years since the passing of my father.  If it was not for the loan from NCDF this would have been a greater burden on me financially to move into my own home which will greatly reduce my living expenses and bring much happiness to me personally in honoring my father’s wishes for me to have this home. Thank you for the opportunity and financial assistance in accomplishing my dream."

I want to thank NiMiiPuu Community Development Fund. I was in a bad position with my finances because of an accident and back surgery. I tried finding help and other services, but because of my salary, I was over income even though at the time I did not have an income coming in. I utilized all the leave I had after my surgery, but unfortunately, it was only able to help for one full pay check and a partial paycheck. For the remainder of the next couple of months, I had two pay periods with no income coming in, and for two pay periods, I had less than half a paycheck. It is only by the help the NiMiiPuu Community Development Fund that I was able to make it. Thank you so much…”

NCDF Made By Us

NCDF was featured in local Made By Us campaign that features local businesses and service providers that promote business and building of communities.